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Fireworks Stores Keeping Up Business During The Holiday

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While many people are taking their time to enjoy this Fourth of July with family, grilling isn't the only thing on their minds. Shanelle and Brandon Newbrough were out hunting for fireworks in Weston to enjoy with the kids later on in the night.

"We wanted to make it fun for our kids. They like seeing all the fireworks and all the lights, and they're really interested in it so they wanted to come back for more!" said Shanelle Newbrough.

And they're not the only ones enjoying themselves this weekend; Even some of the vendors are happy to spend time sharing their love of the season with the public.

"It's something we've always celebrated, it's one of our favorite holidays, and we just like the 4th. It's family time, and we try to make sure that all the kids are safe and try to sell safe fireworks," said shopkeeper Lula Wilson.

And for Wilson, it's been a huge rush. Her tent has been open since earlier this week, and while it may have started out as a slower week, she's been kept busy since then.

"The last two days its been wall-to-wall, and I can't even give you a figure, we're just handing back and forth and ordering more inventory, and going back and forth, so it's pretty good business," Wilson said.

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