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Vietnam Veteran's Mobile Wall Escorted To Mannington By Hogs For Heroes Foundation, Patriot Guard

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The Fourth of July is all about barbeques, cook-outs, spending time with family, and fireworks.

A group of West Virginians are bringing attention to what Independence Day is really about.

On Thursday, they escorted the Vietnam Veteran's Mobile Wall from Fairmont to its newest destination in Mannington.

"It's a short ride today to Mannington City Park. But we wanted to come out and show our gratitude for the guys that put this together," said Mike Jarvis, Patriot Guard Ride Captain.

The Vietnam Veterans Mobile Wall took three years to complete.

"Now that it's complete, I feel very proud to have it," said Cecilio Bezares, Vietnam Veteran.

It will travel to all 55 counties in West Virginia.

"I get to display it to not only the Vietnam veterans, but to all veterans and all West Virginians," Bezares said.

The Hogs for Heroes Foundation and the Patriot Guard said it was important to escort the wall to its next destination.

"This first move, our being here is a show of respect and honor to those people that they shouldn't travel alone," Jarvis said.

What better day than the Fourth of July to make the move?

"It celebrates a lot of things all at one time. It's going to celebrate the wall, it's going to celebrate our independence," Bezares said. "We are mostly proud to have this group with us to escort the wall to Mannington."

The motorcycles rolled into Mannington Thursday morning announcing their presence to the city.

"I thought he was talking maybe a couple of motorcycles or a police escort," said Robert Garcia, Vietnam Veteran. "Here they come roaring into town. I bet you a lot of people are thinking 'what's going on'?"

Mannington Veterans said it's an honor to have the wall in the city for Independence Day.

"It's been at a couple other places where the council had taken it. We are the first chapter, we asked for it and we got it for the Fourth of July," Garcia said. "That's when we wanted it. For the Fourth of July."

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