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Wild & Wonderful Wednesday: Water Skiing at Sunset Beach Marina

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Nothing says 'Wild and Wonderful' like a boat, a lake, and some water skis.

For the past two weeks we have taken you through the woods of West Virginia, and now we are going to hit the waters of West Virginia.

"Welcome to Sunset Beach Marina," said Barry Frey, Sunset Beach Marina Owner.

There is no better place to have your first water sports experience than Sunset Beach Marina in Morgantown.

"We rent a lot of boats. We rent a lot of fun to people," Frey said. "Families come from north of Pittsburgh, southern West Virginia, clear up into Maryland, from all around just to rent boats."

You can bring your own gear or rent some from the Marina.

"We rent all of the accessories. Wake boards, knee boards," Frey said. "Anything you might need to have a good day on the lake."

As you can imagine, I had a lot of options to choose from. But, I decided on the water skis.

I had to beat my colleague, Matt Hauswirth. He tried the same thing one year ago and failed.

Off we went, cruising through Cheat Lake and enjoying the scenery.

"The lake's nice," Frey said. "It's a calm lake. It's a warm lake."

Our tour guide, Ethan, showed me how water skiing was supposed to look.

"Knees together, knees bent, toes pointed, arms out," he told me.

Then it was my turn. Sunset Beach offered me some advice that anyone can benefit from.

"Once you get up, keep your knees bent. If you get stiff legged, you'll teeter," Frey said. "Just kind of go with it. You'll be fine. I think you will do well."

Needless to say, I didn't start off too well.

It took about five falls before it happened. It got up and I stayed up until my arms couldn't take it anymore.

Water skiing is just one of the many things Sunset Beach Marina offers.

"A lot of personal watercraft sports," Frey said. "People are going out and jumping wakes. Doing a lot of things like that. Wake boarding is obviously huge."

My hair got wet, my arms were sore, but none of that matters because I beat Matt who stood up for only 3 seconds in 2012. I did it for two miles.

Make sure you come out to Sunset Beach Marina and give it a try for yourself.

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