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Water And Wellness Conference Held at West Virginia Wesleyan College

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Jody Mohr is just one of many residents in West Virginia that is growing more and more concerned about the impact of fracking on her area and her home.  When a gas well appeared within a mile of her house earlier this year, she began to get more concerned, and more informed.

"So I began to do some research, got involved with the Doddridge County Watershed, and am very concerned about the impacts of fracking on our water supply," said Mohr.

At the Wellness and Water conference on Sunday at West Virginia Wesleyan College, people gathered to discuss that impact, especially when it comes to keeping the state's water clean. Organizers said they've seen the health issues drilling causes. They understand the financial benefits for the state, and want to see the two sides reconcile.

"I would hope so, because I think that with more health concerns you're going to have more charges. It may not be the direct impact, but the indirect costs of this kind of development, or any of this kind of development will have to be paid at some point in time by somebody," said Cindy Rank, with the West Virginia Highlands Conservancy.

The group ended the weekend conference by sitting together in roundtable discussions to see where and how they could take action. But for everyone there, from the presenters to the attendees, the personal stories they heard provided the best motivation to find solutions for clean water.

"There was people from communities affected by mountaintop removal and fracking talking about the health effects that they personally had experienced, and I think that really drives home the message much better than people just talking the science and the figures," said presenter Laura Rigell with the Swarthmore Divestment Project.

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