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New Driving Laws Go Into Effect July 1, July 9

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Beginning on July 1 drivers will have to remember when getting into the car to make sure they have a hands-free device for cell phones. On July 9, drivers or anyone in a vehicle while the vehicle is being operated will have to wear a seat belt.

Not wearing your seat belt and talking on your cell phone without a hands free device will be primary violations of West Virginia Code. Drivers can be stopped and cited for both of those violations.

Most drivers agree that it will make the roads a little bit safer, including Joe Stewart. He travels through West Virginia often to see family.

"I personally think it's dangerous to drive and text, or even talk on the phone," said Stewart. "It's distracting and I think it's not safe."

Talking on the phone without a hands free device is a secondary law to texting and driving.

"I think it's probably a good law. I lost a good friend who was texting and driving and passed away in an accident," said Randy Jones, a West Virginia University student. "I think it's a good thing to do, even though it's an inconvenience, it's probably the right thing."

Stewart said he already uses his hands-free device while driving.

"It's convenient you can talk without having to worry about looking at your screen," Stewart said. "And I do not text."

The Monongalia County Sheriff's Department is already enforcing Click-It-Or-Ticket. Members of the Sheriff's Department operated a check point looking for offenders just last week.

"I think it's probably a good thing. I remember a lot of people had the same debate when we had the helmet law for motorcycles a few years ago," said Jones. "But I'm sure that saved lives and this probably will too. Both laws."

"For safety reasons, I think everybody should be encouraged to use their seat belts and encouraged to not text or use your cell phone while driving," Stewart said.

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