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UPDATE: Monongalia County Sheriff's Department Investigating Excavation in Westover

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Some excavating in Westover is causing a stir.

According to a press release from The Monongalia County Sheriff's Department, detectives are continuing to investigate a grave marker and possible location of a cemetery. The location is at the intersection of Richmond and Western Streets in Westover.

Local residents noticed the graves when the digging first began.

"We found in the brush that there was a grave and it said, '1831 John Thorn.' And I would assume that if there's one grade there's more than one grave there," said Tammy Leister, a Westover resident. "We do know that as a fact now. His wife was right beside him, Sarah Thorn, she was an unmarked grave though."

The Sheriff's Department is consulting with the State Medical Examiners Office on Monday to determine any further action at the site.

"They died so long ago and they are all together, if there's more graves there," said Kayla Leister, another Westover resident. "And I just think... it's sad to me. I don't like the idea of it. You know, it's like by violating somebody's home and resting place. I just think that's really wrong."

The Sheriff's Department is asking that anyone who has historical information or photos of the cemetery contact the Sheriff's Detectives at (304) 291-7218.


The Monongalia Sheriff's Department responded to disturbances at a cemetery in Westover on Friday.

The department said it discovered an area that was excavated, and equipment used to do so was on site.

It found a single grave marker from 1831 nearby.  

The cemetery is located near the intersection of Western and Richmond streets.

Anyone with information and or documents pertaining to the cemetery which may bear the name of "Thorn Cemetery No. 1" is asked to contact the department at (304) 291-7218

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