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Students Piece Together Crime Scene at WVU Forensic Summer Camp

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Students at the WVU Forensics Summer Camp worked all week to piece together a crime scene. They did everything from point of entry to looking for evidence, like cartridge casings.

Students came from as far away as Australia to participate in the program, right here in West Virginia.

"I heard about it in my AP Chemistry class at my high school," said Victoria McCumbee, a student participating in the program from Berkeley Springs, WV. "My teacher said hey you're going into forensics, this would be a great opportunity. And it's been amazing being here for this whole week."

The students prepared in classrooms all week for the final step, piecing together a crime scene. The students did a walk through to see what evidence they could find.

"When they hop into the crime scene, with forensics we start with the end result with everything that happened and then work our way all the way back," said Joshua Davis, a student at WVU majoring in the Forensic program and helping out with the summer camp. "That's what they're doing now. They get to go in there, they get to see the crime scene, they get to see what happened. And then they have to start piecing together."

Some students are there for fun and some are interested in a career in forensic science

The program encourages more students to major in forensics at WVU.

"I wish I could come back next year to do it," said McCumbee, who plans to attend WVU in the fall. "Hopefully I can come back and help next year. Just to do everything over again and I can't wait to come here in the fall to start my career and studying in Forensics."

Students checked the crime scene, took pictures and even dusted for finger prints. The forensic program at WVU is planning to be at 'Kid's Day' in downtown Morgantown on July 20 and hopes hosting a Fall Festival this year.

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