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Wild & Wonderful Wednesday: Adventure West Virginia's Canopy Tour

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This summer on Wild and Wonderful Wednesdays we are amping it up, taking you to new and exciting thrills.

This week we take you up into the WVU Forest, up into the trees where a series of zip-lines are sure to get your heart pounding.

Adventure West Virginia's Canopy Tour is a high speed, adrenaline pumping adventure open to everyone.

Located near Coopers Rock in the WVU forest the series of 4 zip-lines gives you a wild and wonderful experience.

"It was our first time... We loved it. It's our first of many," said Topeka, Kansas native Becky Walters.

High above the ground, in the treetops, Walters joined her daughter, a WVU grad student, and son in law. Walters's visit to the Mountain State was her first, and offered up the experience of a lifetime.

"She was a little leery at first," said Walter's daughter, Andrea Armstead. "But I talked her into it and she had a great time, so it all worked out well."

Nerves are quite common for first timers, after-all, once you are in the tress you hang out with the birds for about 2 hours.

"For most people they say 'I didn't think about anything else accept that next platform,'" said Adventure West Virginia's Matthew Shreve. "They're very much not knowing what to expect, and inside their head and a little nervous. But they get on the first line and they're like, 'Wow!'"

"My favorite part is the last zip-line that's really long," said Armstead. Going really fast on the long one was the best part. I wish they were all that long."

The course is the only university owned in the country, and is also used to help train regional guides.

The Canopy Tour is open to the public. Tours run every Friday, Saturday and Sunday and cost $50. For more visit Adventure West Virginia's web site.

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