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GSC Hosts Criminal Justice Camp

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Furniture upended, bloody writing on the wall, and a dead body in the living room. It's all put together for the benefit of students at Glenville State College's annual Criminal Justice Camp.

Students from West Virginia and Ohio are learning how a criminal investigation works. Organizers take the process seriously, but they also make it interesting to keep students coming back.

"I came last year, and I've always been really interested in forensic science and all this criminal justice, and my teacher saw the application and she brought me one," said Elizabeth Allenger, who's attending the camp for the second time this year.

While many kids take an interest from what they see on TV, organizers want students to understand that catching a suspect will take more than 45 minutes, and is often very tedious.

"Here, they're learning that the sun is hot, air conditioning may or may not be working in the environment that they're going to be in, and the documentation is a very big part of the process. On television they hardly ever show the documentation process," said Ronald Taylor, director of the Center for Criminal Justice Studies at GSC.

The students will get plenty of exposure to the real world process too, including seeing a parole hearing and processing evidence they've collected.

Allenger said she's seeing the investigation from a different angle this year, and is looking forward to seeing the end result of the process.

"Last year I did evidence preservation, and that's kind of at the end of the whole process almost, and now I'm at the very beginning, I'm the leader because I went here last year, so it's just really great to see everything in a different perspective," said Allenger.

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