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U.S. Cellular Launches Family Protector Mobile Application

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A recent study by U.S. Cellular said 85 percent of parents said being prepared for an emergency is a factor in buying their child a cell phone.

The company is now offering the Family Protector Mobile Application to help put parents' minds at ease.

"I have a 13-year-old that has a phone," said Nathan Montgomery, U.S. Cellular Sales Manager. "She is involved in athletics, after-school activities, and she is not always home. It's a great way to keep track of what's going on when she is not around us."

"It gives parents the ability to really have that peace of mind of what their children are doing with their phones," said Scott VanRiper, Retail Store Manager. "They can really monitor that and really stay in contact with their kids because they can't be looking over their shoulder every minute of the day."

Instead of looking over your child's shoulder, you can now look right on your computer screen.

"It will show you where the person has been at. You have options. You can go to reports, alerts, and settings," Montgomery said. "I can check calls and messages, new applications that have been downloaded, and any alerts."

The application has many features.

Parent's can check their child's location, control the content a child can access with a phone, as well as who and when the child can call.

"You can see where your child is now, you can also from the main screen see where previous locations were at," Montgomery said.

You can even set time restrictions.

"If a parent doesn't want their child using their phone while they are at school, then they can turn that on or off as well. It's pretty neat," said VanRiper.

The app has caught the attention of many U.S. Cellular customers.

"I've worked in wireless for almost 12 years now," Montgomery said. "They always want to come in and be able to see the dots. They want to see the dots on the map. They want to see where the phone is being used at."

"It's been pretty popular. It's something I don't think a lot of customers know that we have it thus far because it is so new," VanRiper said. "It is gaining momentum. It's a pretty cool product for us to offer."

U.S. Cellular's Family Protector is only $9.99 a month and can be used on up to five devices. The first 30 days are free. If you would like more information on the app, contact U.S. Cellular at (304) 622-2331.

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