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Test it Tuesday: Grip Go

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West Virginia law makes talking on a hand held cell phone a primary offense starting July 1, 2013. This week's Test it Tuesday , the Grip Go, promises to help.

The Grip Go looks like a GPS holder for your car. It suctions to your windshield or dash with an arm that pivots. The difference is that instead of a holder that your phone snaps into, there's a sticky surface for any cell phone with enough flat space for the adhesive to work.

The Grip Go installed easily in the windshield, and I tried three different phones. All of them stuck to the Grip Go and peeled right off as the instructions said.

While driving, the Grip Go pivoted easily and when someone called I could still hear through my phone's regular speaker.

When I tried to call someone though, it was tough to dial or find a number manually. The other side of that is the difficulty anyone would also have trying to text.

The commercial shows the pitch man waving a Grip Go with a smart phone attached to it outside the window of a moving car. I jumped in the passenger seat and let someone else drive while I tried it and the entire head with the cell phone separated from the arm.

The cell phone came apart and the battery went flying, but the piece of the phone that was attached to the Grip Go surface stayed attached.

Unless you make a habit of dangling your cell phone outside your car while you're using it, the Grip Go lives up to it's promises and helps keep your hands off your cell phone behind the wheel. 

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