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Play Ball! Vintage Baseball is Not Your Father's Game

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This week has been big for west Virginia as the Mountain State commemorates its sesquicentennial anniversary.

Saturday afternoon to celebrate Bridgeport hosted a Civil War era baseball game. A game that is certainly not you father's, or grandfather's ball game.

In 1863 about the only thing similar in baseball was using bats to hit balls for 9 innings, and even the balls and bats were different.

In the mid 1800's there were no gloves, balls fielded on a bounce were automatic outs and there weren't even balls and strikes.

The two teams that played Saturday, the Canal-Fulton Mules and Pittsburgh Franklins came to West Virginia from Pennsylvania.

The game was a fun educational experience for all.

"It's a great game, and really shows you why baseball became so popular, it's an easy game to play, it's a fun game to play and you didn't have to go out and try to win every game. It was more so about the competitive nature, it was more so about having fun with competitors and friends alike," said Jason "Bird Dog" Ramaley

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