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Wild & Wonderful Wednesday: Polaris RZR Off-Roading at Snowshoe

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Snowshoe -

You cannot spell Wild and Wonderful without Snowshoe Mountain. The resort offers everything in outdoor sports, ranging from mountain biking in the summer, all the way to skiing in the winter. But there's one thing this resort has never offered before.

They do now.

The Polaris RZR off-roading vehicle is new to Snowshoe during the summer of 2013. The off-roading machine debuted in May. The base price of the vehicle runs close to $17,000, but can run to nearly $20,000 if purchased with all of the accessories.

"Welcome to Snowshoe Mountain. We're here today and we're going to go out on an off-road adventure in our new Polaris RZR. We're offering two tours with these this year. The one you're going to go out on today is our terrain tour. We're going to take you out and show you what these machines can do," Snowshoe Outdoor Adventure Manager Ben Brannon said.

As I embarked upon my journey around the mountain, I noticed the extreme versatility of the vehicle. It could drive through large mud puddles, or even uphill through rock beds. There was almost nothing the machine could not do.

"The Polaris RZR was built essentially as a racing machine. We're all familiar with gators and mules and other things like that; the traditional utility side-by-side. But this is the evolution of that. So the Polaris RZR and some similar products by other manufacturers are really designed for side-by-side racing.

Approaching the midway point gave me a time to rest, and to get clean. The Polaris RZR does not offer much protection along the sides of the vehicle when it comes to cleanliness. If you drive through large puddles then be prepared to get dirty.

Our tour guide, Carter, briefed us on what the second half of the trail would feature.

"The second half portion of the tour is going to be very slow paced. We're going to go ahead and throw it into low gear. We're also going to throw it in four wheel drive, which we already have engaged. We're going to make sure we maintain momentum during this part of the tour. There's a lot of rock crawls and tree branches, things like that."

Soon after that, the trail got much tougher. Creeks, rock piles and mud holes were just some of the many obstacles along the course. But all of that seemed to be worth it in the end. The view atop Snowshoe Mountain will leave you speechless.

"If you enjoy off-roading, then you're going to have a good time with this product. If it's not something that you've ever done before, then this is an awesome introduction to it."

Two and a half hours later, our tour was complete.



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