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Bridgeport Fire Department Offers Fire Safety Class for Residents

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As part of Bridgeport's Emergency Reach Out Program, members of the Bridgeport Fire Department gave residents general fire safety tips that could save lives.

"This is part of the Emergency Reach Out program we've had for several months…this is the fire portion of it to teach fire safety along with how to use the fire extinguishers and smoke detectors," said Sergeant Robert Goodrich with the Bridgeport Police Department.

In addition to safety tips, residents got the chance to learn more about the Bridgeport Fire Department, and all of the things the members do.

"People don't see the effort and the time that gets put into it and what we have to do to get the equipment ready to be ready all the time. All of us are EMT's and paramedics it takes a lot of ongoing training to keep that," said Jacob Thompson with the Bridgeport Fire Department.

On Tuesday, the residents learned the importance of having smoke detectors in the house, and how to properly use a fire extinguisher.

"Some people think water solves all problems, that's not true. They also think that because they have a fire extinguisher in they're house they're perfectly safe. Most people have never shot one, so it was great to get to use one tonight, that was really good," said Marvin Shelton of Bridgeport.

Residents got to take home a free smoke detector and fire extinguisher after using one on a simulator. Thompson said his number one tip for fires is to take them seriously.

"Don't have the, ‘It can't happen to me attitude.' Too many people say I don't need a bunch of smoke detectors or a fire extinguisher or anything like that. Don't be one of the people that says after the fact ‘I should have' because too many times you can't do that," Thompson said.

For addition safety tips, visit this Facebook page.

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