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Lewis County Churches Helping To Keep Kids Full

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After reading about how other churches were providing better nutrition for school students in the area, Reverend Carolyn Nettles wanted to see what her church, Stone Coal United Methodist, could do to help.

"I had asked my church to pray about that we had enough, each of us sitting there have enough, and how other people don't have enough, and what were we going to do about it," said Nettles.

After discussing it with other churches the area, Nettles spoke to the school principals and organized the countywide effort. Principals and teachers at each school identified the people the most in need, and school officials said some were surprised to see how much that extra help was really needed.

"Several principals have commented that they didn't realize how needy some people really are and so forth, so it's made everyone take a look at children and people in a different manner," said school supervisor Chris Derico.

Nettles said they were able to keep up the effort for the entire year, thanks in part to gifts from total strangers to the county. She said it's a problem that needs to be solved, and she's happy to play a part in the solution.

"On one side, it breaks your heart that they wouldn't otherwise have it, and there's something wrong with that. But on the other hand it makes you feel good that you did something for somebody that's lacking," Nettles said.

The school will also work with other groups to provide free meals throughout the summer as well. You can find more information here.

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