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UPDATE: City of Nutter Fort Officials Tackling Drug Problem

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A few months ago, a sign was placed in Nutter Fort that warned drug dealers and users that they were not welcome.

The sign has recently been taken down.

Mayor Nathan Rohrbough said the sign's message was received.

"We had a lot of law enforcement in the area, and a lot less activity was noted. We've received feedback from the community that the bad situation in that area had definitely slowed," said Rohrbough.

The sign was located at the corner of Edison Street and Burton Avenue.


Some residents in Nutter Fort were concerned with a drug problem in their area, so they brought it to the attention of Mayor Nathan Rohrbough and Nutter Fort City Council.

"We had a bunch of concerned citizens approach us in a May meeting. A lot of them had some strong concerns about some possible illegal activity going on," said Rohrbough.

When Mayor Rohrbough and council found out about the problem, they wanted to put a stop to it right away.

"We immediately wanted to take action to provide some security and safety and eliminate this problem," Rohrbough explained.

One of the solutions was a sign placed near the affected area that reads, "attention drug dealers and users, we are watching you, we will get you. I promise."

"My goal with the sign was to let those people know that are participating in those activities that we are watching," Rohrbough said.

The sign also lets the residents know that their voices were heard at the meeting.

"By them being more visible, what they're doing they're not only sending a message to the people who live here that they're doing the best they can, but they're sending a message to the people that not only the police are watching, but the neighbors are watching too," said Bill Williams, who has been a Nutter Fort resident for the past 50 years.

Police coverage has also increased in the area affected.

"Council and the mayor decided to allow me the leeway to put some extra officers in the area, work some overtime, and see if we can take care of the problem," said Chief Ron Godwin, with the Nutter Fort Police Department.

Chief Godwin said drug arrests have been made in the area already and the Nutter Fort Police will continue to work with the Harrison County Street Crimes and Drug Unit to try to stop the problem completely.

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