12Sports Weekly Golf Lesson With Ryan Koury: Slicing Tee Shots


The 12Sports Weekly Golf Lesson with Ryan Koury was created to help golfers of all ages throughout North Central West Virginia. Our plan is to answer questions every week during the segment by conducting a drill or lesson of some sort, which will aim to improve your game.

12Sports is proud to feature Ryan Koury, a PGA Professional in the Morgantown area, as the head professional during the weekly segment. His knowledge of the game of golf has been crafted over years of studying the game, and will share his expertise with our loyal viewers throughout the area.

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Jim from Clarksburg writes: I'm having issues hitting out of sand traps on the golf course. How can this be fixed?


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The tee box can be a frightful place for some people. Whether it's a hook or a slice, often times any shot involving a driver seems to have the ability to go any given way on a golf course.

In this week's golf lesson, Ryan Koury discusses ways to improve your tee shot, including a tutorial on how to cut down on the prototypical "slice".

Ryan sets up a pair of poles, which you can purchase from your local sporting goods store, on the tee box. The one closest to you is placed on an angle, aimed to create a much more fluent motion rather than coming from outside to inside. The other pole furthest from you, is set in a straight line.

Additionally, a golf club shaft is placed in the ground, in the middle of your stance. The shaft is placed in the ground on an angle towards you, in order to stop a misguided swing from going outside to inside. A common problem with a slice off the tee box is that people take the club too far outside, and in turn follow through on an inside track, resulting in the ball going from left to far right.

The lesson is aimed to cure a slice, which plagues so many of us in the tee box. It's a simple lesson that can be done at your local driving range.

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