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12Sports Track Pass: High Point National Continues to Draw Thousands

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Just a few miles north of Morgantown in Mount Morris, Pa., sits a race track known to many. High Point Raceway has a deeply rooted history and is one of the most famous motocross tracks in the world.

"Everyone that grew up racing motorcycles off-road, not just in the United States or South Western Pennsylvania or West Virginia, but the entire world," said track promoter Tim Cotter. "Everyone knows about High Point. It's a legend."

That legend started in the 1976. When a farm was transformed into a motocross paradise and a favorite stop for the country's top drivers.

"It's refreshing to come back here," said Butler, Pa., native and driver Darryn Durham. "I love coming back. It's my favorite race of the year. It's my hometown race, all my friends are here."

"I know every employee here, they want to hear that sound bite, they want to hear that nugget, that says this is my favorite place. This is the place to be," said Cotter.

Last week, the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross series returned to High Point for its annual High Point National race. It was an emotional visit for Cotter who has been with the track for more than 30 years, because for the first time the track's co-owner Carroll Holbert was not there after passing away in April.

"He was the first one to turn over the dirt on this property, and was here nearly every day," said Cotter. "So for all of us here at Racer Productions and the Holbert Family, this event is just that much more special because we know Carroll is watching us."

With emotions aside, Saturday's return was business as usual for drivers who were excited to be back on the bikes, at the track many of them love.

"It's kind of a tighter, technical track," said driver Cole Seely. "It's not just wide open and as fast as you can go. I think it fits my riding style, so I always look forward to coming."

"The fans are crazy here, they love us to death," said racer Malcolm Stewart.

"When you sit back and try to digest it all, it is very, very special on a whole bunch of different fronts," Cotter added.

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