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Cafe Bacchus Helps Local Family With Fundraiser

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If a pregnant woman has Group B Strep it can be harmful to her unborn child. Early onset Group B Strep is infectious for about three out of every thousand births in the United States. Amanda Wright of Morgantown and her child are part of that small percentage.

GBS is a bacteria that can be present in humans. It's not spread through food or water, and is not a sexually transmitted disease. Any mother can have GBS, and doctors usually check for it in the ninth month of pregnancy.

"I almost feel like everything happened for a reason," Wright said. "I have to find the silver lining and I feel like it's my job to get the word out there and prevent another mother from not knowing what it is."

Wright believes early testing could have prevented her child Noah's premature birth.

When Noah was born he weighed just over two pounds. He was born with Group B Strep Meningitis and has gone through three brain surgeries in his short eight month life.

"I'm not going to lie it's been very hard. Very hard for the both of us," Wright said. "There were times I would just sit in his room and stare at his stuff and not know if he was coming back. Times that I had to be strong for my husband, and just to see him that way broke my heart."

The owners of Café Bacchus are friends with the Wright family and decided they wanted to help out.

"They're such a sweet little family and it's such a tragedy because this could have all been avoided if there was more awareness about Meningitis," said Judy Spade, the owner. "We said you know what, lets do a benefit. That way we can help baby Noah, we can help the community."

"My main goal is to have more fundraisers and start a foundation so that once everything is taken care of, once Noah is taken care of, everything's done with that, I can start to give back to people,' Wright said. "Because no mother should ever worry about, do I buy formula or diapers."

The event will start Friday, June 14 at 5 p.m. at Café Bacchus. Tickets can be purchased at the door for $15 and any money raised will go toward Noah's medical bills.

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