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Restaurant Road Trip: Pies and Pints

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Grape pie with honey, vanilla wafers, and tons of seedless grapes is just how grandma makes it, but it's not even close to how Pies and Pints does it.

"I was raised partially in the New York area so we always called a pizza, a pie," said owner Stan Warr. "Of course that was filtered down here and the brand was founded with that concept. We've had several people come in here thinking we bake and sell pies, fruit pies, but no we're all about pizza, artisan pizza and craft beer."

The concept is simple, the pies not quite as much. The beloved grape pie is a perfect example.

Made with gorgonzola cheese, red grapes, and rosemary on Pies and Pints' hand tossed crust, it is a delicious light pizza, Warr calls great for summer.

Now if that doesn't grab your attention there are plenty more unique treats, traditional pies and custom made pizzas that are certain to please.

"When they come they experience a pizza made with a different type of oven mad of stone, and fresh ingredients. It's a flavor profile like they've never experienced and generally they love it," Warr said.

Pies and Pints is a West Virginia staple with four locations, but it all started in Fayetteville and when the restaurant announced its Morgantown opening, many locals knew just what to expect.

"We were pumped," said Zach Serian who often eats at Pies and Pints in Fayetteville. "We do a lot of rock climbing up around here. We get done, we want some food and we just hop into Pies and Pints and grab something."

If the pizza didn't hook you in, perhaps the craft beers from local West Virginia breweries will. Or maybe it's the giant salads, or fresh made sandwiches, any way you go, you just have to "Get Some."

"I mean, you come in here, get filled up, get a good nights sleep, then we're back out having fun the next day, and back in here the same day to eat some more food," Serian said.

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