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Taylor County Gym Aims To Lower Childhood Obesity Statistics

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Childhood obesity is a big problem in West Virginia.

Obesity rates have tripled over the past 30 years and a Taylor County gym is doing its part to lower those numbers.

"Child obesity, along with other health related issues. Heart disease, diabetes, many other illnesses relate to that. That's what we are trying to address here," said Ricky Williams, manager.

It's a problem that West Virginians are all to familiar with.

"These kids just sit and watch TV. They want to play video games. Its what they're taught," said Alice Deakins, personal trainer.

Edith Jo Foley agrees.

"They need to get out and exercise instead of sitting around all the time," she said.

Adults take advantage of the Tygart Valley Rehabilitation and Fitness Center every day.

"I need it for my legs and for my arms to keep me in good shape and good walking condition," Foley said.

Now, kids can too.

"You have a fitness arcade so to speak," Williams said. "That's what we do here. We have different things. DDR, the Wii, Concept 2 rowers, sports walls, and stuff like that. We're trying to take that sedentary lifestyle and take it back to being active as well."

"The New You" is a nine week program offered to kids ages 9 to 13.

"The children actually have their own dumbbells," Williams said. "Fitness bands, thayer tubing, exercise balls, and medicine balls. Everything is based on target heart rate."

Instructors said programs like this are the first step to decreasing childhood obesity.

"Once you start young, its something that kind of gets to you. You just never want to stop," Deakins said.

The first class will be held on Wednesday, June 12 beginning at 10 a.m.

For more information on the program, contact Ricky Williams at 304-265-2191.

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