12Sports Weekly Golf Lesson With Ryan Koury: 50 Yard Fairway Shots Approaching the Green


The 12Sports Weekly Golf Lesson with Ryan Koury was created to help golfers of all ages throughout North Central West Virginia. Our plan is to answer questions every week during the segment by conducting a drill or lesson of some sort, which will aim to improve your game.

12Sports is proud to feature Ryan Koury, a PGA Professional in the Morgantown area, as the head professional during the weekly segment. His knowledge of the game of golf has been crafted over years of studying the game, and will share his expertise with our loyal viewers throughout the area.

If you have a question regarding your golf game and how to improve it, then be sure to send us a message, whether it's through Facebook, Twitter, or E-mail. We will feature one question every week during the show. By sending in your question, you are agreeing to have your name and current city of residence be aired on live television.


Jim from Clarksburg writes: I'm having issues hitting out of sand traps on the golf course. How can this be fixed?


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Fairway shots can make or break your round of golf. This is where the accuracy portion of the game comes into play, demanding the best ball striking techniques in order to place the ball within putting distance on the green.

PGA Professional Ryan Koury discusses a pair of lessons that, if executed properly, can lead to more accurate fairway shots, leading to closer putts to the hole and resulting in lower scores on each hole.

The best way to practice 50 yard fairway shots is to think of the face on a clock. In order to create a higher loft on the shot, pretend that your hands on your swing reach the '10' and '2' areas on the face of a clock. This will result in a ball striking method that will increase elevation on the shot, depending on your proximity to the pin.

The other lesson he discusses is the ability to swing lower at the ball, creating a longer shot that can reach the green, once again depending on the proximity of the shot to the pin. The key in this lesson is to think of the '9' and '3' areas on the face of a clock. Your hands do not reach as highly as the previous shot, resulting in a lower and longer shot down the fairway.

This is a part of the game that everyone has to deal with, whether they are in the fairway or in the rough. It's a simple lesson that can be done in a back yard, or on the driving range at your local golf course.

Good luck and continue to send in your golf questions at the aforementioned social media sites!

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