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Elkins Police to Welcome Second Drug Dog

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The Elkins Police Department will soon welcome a new member to the police force.

It's adding a second drug dog to help keep drugs off the streets.

Last year, the Elkins Police Department started working with its first drug dog. Her name is Macy, an 18-month-old lab at the time. Elkins Police Chief Rob White said she's been an effective dog.

"She's done a wonderful job. She's very effective. She's had many hits while the officer goes out and does his job and does patrolling," White said.

Macy was obtained through private donations, and now the police department is getting another drug dog by another private donation.

"They believed it was a good thing for the community, and so they came in and said 'Hey we want to give you the money for another drug dog;' they wanted to remain anonymous," White said.

Chief White said the dog will be another lab mix. One that's passive and can handle drugs and tracking. White said there is a need for another dog on the force.

"That officer certainly can't be here at all hours of the day he certainly needs time off here as well," White said.

White said Elkins is fortunate to now have two drug dogs, which will give them additional coverage in the fight against drugs.

"It's used to detect drugs certainly and that's what we want her for. But it's also used as a deterrent. You know if we take that dog into the schools and search the schools, certainly it's going to deter in bringing those drugs into the schools."

White said several departments have them and a lot of them do not. He said the department is blessed to now have two of them.

"But again it's a wonderful tool, and that's what we're hoping to use it as just for the detection, but it's also for the deterrence, so we're looking forward to it," White said.

White said a police officer has already been chosen to train with the new drug dog.

It should begin serving the department this fall.

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