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Anmoore Town Council Addresses Citizens' Concerns

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Anmoore Town Council met on Monday evening, and concerned citizens filled Town Hall with many different concerns.

Some of the topics ranged from the need for speed bumps near a park to setting up a neighborhood watch group, and a new apartment complex being built nearby.

The complex is not within Anmoore town limits, but Anmoore will be handling the sewage for the complex.

Some concerns came up about the potential that this might overflow the sewage system.

Council will set up a flow monitoring test to check for this.

Earlier on Monday, WBOY received a phone call from a city employee who said another employee was using city equipment, city money, and city time to work on private property.

That didn't come up in the meeting, but when asked about it, Mayor Eddie Hardman said that if the matter were to be brought to his attention, action would be taken.

"If he would make us aware of the problem that's going on, if it is happening, we would correct that problem. Right now we're unaware of anybody working on private property, using city equipment or working on, city time. There is no proof that's happening, so how are we going to take care of the problem?," said Hardman.

Hardman said if an employee does come forward with a complaint, council will investigate and take any necessary action.

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