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Bridgeport Bracket Bash Brings Business to Local Economy

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The Bridgeport Recreation Complex was built in 2012; it was initially built to give youth teams a place to compete.

"When we as Bridgeport City Council dedicated dollars to build the recreation complex it was out of a need for fields, and for recreation fields for soccer and for youth football. We had a deficit that we wanted to fill for our community," said Diana Cole Marra, with Bridgeport City Council.

West Virginia Patriot Baseball took advantage of this new complex with the Bridgeport Bracket Bash, a youth baseball tournament for traveling teams.

This year was the second annual tournament; it brought 37 teams from four states around the area.

The teams from out of state need a place to stay and that brings money to the area economy.

"We've got over 20 teams this weekend that are staying at least two nights, if you figure 10 rooms per team, we've done the math you're at over $40,000 just for the weekend," said Marra.

The teams can't play baseball the whole time they're in the area.

"When you've got several hours to kill, you're taking the kids to the movies, or to the pool, as well as restaurants, and you're gassing up when you leave town," Marra explained.

Buffalo Wild Wings, which is very close to the Bridgeport Recreation Complex, saw profits all weekend.

"It's been party after party, whether it was 12 people, we've had 30 something, so it's a lot of parties, one right after the other. It's keeping everybody busy and its good food for them, it's fast, it's easy, they have video games they can play, watch sports, baseball, whatever they want," said Brian Waniak, manager at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Marra said this won't be the last Bridgeport Bracket Bash and they expect it to grow even more throughout the years.

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