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Amanda Stoltz

Owner & training director, 
Mac-Sto & Tab Restaurants 
Wheeling, 36

Amanda Stoltz didn't spend her teen years planning to live in the Wheeling area. She grew up in Phillipsburg, N.J., where her father owned some McDonald's restaurants.

"When we lived in New Jersey, my dad wanted to expand," she said. "There wasn't anywhere to expand then. The corporation said there were these sites in Wheeling they were trying to sell. 

"My mom and dad looked at them and decided to move there. That was 1996. I was 19."

Stoltz said moving to Wheeling from New Jersey took some getting used to. People drove slower and their accents were different, although they probably thought her New Jersey accent was a bit strange, too, she said.

But she settled in and settled down.

Today she is an owner and training director for Mac-Sto & Tab Restaurants LLC in Wheeling.

The family-owned business has 11 McDonald's franchises, one of which belongs to Stoltz. Four restaurants are in Wheeling, while the other seven are across the Ohio River in Ohio.

Stoltz's duties include checking on daily operations and dealing with human relations issues, training, customer complaints and insurance matters.

Her family has been in the business since Stoltz was 12.

"I was born into it," said Stoltz.

While the company is open to expansion opportunities if they become available, other matters are occupying her time at present, she said.

"The future holds remodels," Stoltz said. "We're re-doing three stores this year to have the new McDonald's look — always changing to keep up with current trends."

And while she may own a McDonald's restaurant herself and partner with her family in 10 others, Stoltz still puts on the uniform and works in the kitchen when she's needed.

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