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Greg Hayes

Odyssey Rehabilitation 
Bridgeport, 33

Greg Hayes learned at an early age that if you want to accomplish something, it may be best to throw caution to the wind and just do it.

Hayes, president of Odyssey Rehabilitation, said his dad was his example. Despite dropping out of high school, the elder Hayes started his own business, and that entrepreneurial spirit was something Greg Hayes picked up on at an early age.

"My first job was when I was 13, 14 years old," Hayes said. "My mom would drop my brother and I off to cut grass. From a very early age, I learned the value of going out and earning a dollar on your own."

That taught Hayes to be reliable and provide good customer service. Today, Odyssey Rehabilitation is double the size it was just a few years ago and is on pace this year to do $10 million in revenue. 

Hayes graduated in 2001 from Fairmont State College. He soon took a job with a company close to his home and quickly moved up the ladder.

Although he and the company were successful, Hayes decided in 2005 he wanted to strike out on his own. He was friends with the owners of Bridgeport Physical Therapy and presented them with the idea to combine resources.

The partnership kept the name Bridgeport Physical Therapy. In 2006, the company changed its name to West Virginia Therapy Services before becoming Odyssey Rehabilitation.

"We just kind of rebranded the company, went with the name of Odyssey," he said. "The definition of odyssey is a long, tedious journey identified by setbacks."

The name was appropriate, Hayes said, because many physical therapy patients find themselves on a long road to recovery and often must deal with their own setbacks.

But despite the company's successes Hayes said he is proud so many people have found success through his company.

"We've built an organization that other people have been able to find a place in and become successful because of," Hayes said. "In turn, them being successful helps the company be successful. I'm proud of that."

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