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Sarah Abrams

Public Relations Manager,
Lewis Automotive
Beckley, 37

The family business is a good balance for Sarah Abrams. 

The public relations manager of Lewis Automotive in Beckley says the dealership is in its fourth generation of Lewis management, but it wasn't an option for her mother and didn't seem like an option for her either.

"It's been here over 80 years, since 1930," Abrams explained. "Basically, my grandparents had three daughters, and my mother is one of those daughters, but in that generation, women were not in the car business, so it basically skipped that generation.

"We grew up in it, but we didn't come here daily, and it really was something that wasn't in our minds. Then once you get here, it gets in your blood and you can't leave — it becomes addictive."

The Beckley native has a degree in travel and tourism and business management, but when her sister wanted to go to work for the family business, Abrams went with her.

"She called me one day and said ‘I guess I'm going to work at the dealership, and I want you to work here with me,' so I told her I'd try it, and I tried it part time while I sold jewelry also, which is what I did for eight years before that."

Abrams graduated from the National Auto Dealers Successor Program, the NADA Academy in Virginia. Her sister is the dealer for the family's Nissan franchise, and the plan is for the sisters to run the whole dealership.

Abrams says she and her sister complement each other, with her sister keeping things planned and organized, and Abrams preferring spontaneity.

And being busy is in Abrams' blood too.

She's an aerobics instructor at Bodyworks in Beckley and also at Bobcat Fitness Center in Hinton.

Abrams serves on the board of directors for the United Way and is co-chairman of its Celebrity Night. She serves on the board of directors of Just for Kids, the fundraising committee for the local Women's Resource Center and also volunteers with the local March for Dimes, along with several other local nonprofit groups.

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