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Bob Contraguerro Jr.

Vice President, 
Panhandle Cleaning and Restoration 
Wheeling, 33

Bob Contraguerro Jr. has worked his way up the corporate ladder at his father's business, Panhandle Cleaning and Restoration, where he now serves as the company's vice president. 

"This was my first paying job," he said. "As a high school student, I went out and actually learned the business from the ground up."

The business has three prongs: cleaning, restoration and reconstruction. Contraguerro explained the business restores buildings and homes after they have been damaged by a disaster, provides janitorial services or even cleaning up the mess after a disaster and also reconstructs businesses. They also do home remodeling and new constructions. 

Contraguerro remembers school letting out for the summer and looking forward to riding on the carpet cleaning truck. 

Even through his years at West Liberty University, Contraguerro would make sure to take morning classes and work the rest of the afternoon.  

And Contraguerro said he loves that he's had the opportunity to watch the business grow. 

"Everything in the company, I've done. It's been a hands-on growing experience, growing up in the business and bringing it to where it is today," he said. "Restoration has become a lot different than it used to be. ... It's more scientific now and there are a lot of skills and training. That's what sets our company apart and has allowed us to grow in the last 10-15 years."

For example, Contraguerro said they are always sending people out to get certifications and take courses. He said he was in the first class that graduated as a mold specialist in the country.

"We fly all over the country to do our courses," he said. 

His favorite part of his job is the joy of making something new again. 

"There's really a gratification of seeing customers and seeing the entire process of putting their life back on track, getting their house back or cleaned after a fire. ... That's what I like most of all about the business. I like seeing it from beginning to end and seeing what they get back that they thought they lost forever."

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