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Animal Rights Activists Protest Circus in Mannington

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The Kelly Miller Circus made a stop in Mannington on Wednesday.

While most people enjoyed the show, Maranda Hamilton stood outside and passed along a message about the show spectators were about to see.

"I love elephants, they're my favorite animal. They don't deserve this abuse. They use the bull hooks to make them do the tricks they want them to do. They use stun guns on the tigers, and they use whips, and chains, and everything. You're telling me that's not neglect? It is, and it isn't right," said Hamilton.

Hamilton, along with a friend and her niece, weren't trying to stop anyone from seeing the show, they just wanted them to be informed.

"Most of them had children with them, and they said, 'Well, we have our children with us, and they want to see.' I said, 'That's fine, we understand.' I'm not going to make a ruckus, I'm keeping my cool. I just want to get the point across, that's why we're out here," Hamilton explained.

Hamilton said it isn't just the Kelly Miller Circus. If another circus had come to Mannington, she would have done the same thing.

"They're all the same to me, it's all the same. They train the same way with all their animals," said Hamilton.

The Kelly Miller Circus was in Mannington for two shows on Wednesday and will move to Grantsville, Maryland on Thursday.

Hamilton said if another circus comes to Mannington in the future, she'll be back to do the same thing.

For more information on the Kelly Miller Circus, visit the website here.

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