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White Hall Town Council Considers Plans to Expand City Services

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Last winter, the subject of increasing the size of White Hall's police force and expanding the municipal building came up in a meeting.

It was first proposed that the fire fees of all businesses in White Hall would be increased by 1,000 percent to fund the expansions. This didn't sit well with the local business owners, so they came together to come up with other plans.

"We were mostly all shocked, because of the large increase that was going to be imposed on the businesses. We knew right there we had to rally the troops and get involved, and help council out in looking at some of the alternatives we could come up with," said Gene Wright, a local business owner.

Wright owns the White Hall Pharmacy on Route 73. Had council approved the 1,000 percent increase, it would have impacted his profits.

"For me it would have went from $500 a year to $5,200 a year," Wright said.

The White Hall Business Association got together and presented a new plan to fund expanding city services at a special White Hall town council meeting on Tuesday.

"We just spread the responsibility around. We just came up with a plan that no individual group will practically even see any change," said Wright.

Some of the plan included adding a small amount of sales tax to the items purchased at the businesses, increasing the businesses' fire fees, and having residents also pay fire fees.

No decisions were made at the meeting, but White Hall Mayor Jesse Corley said he knows they will come up with a plan.

"We're going to work a solution out here. It's definitely going to happen, there's a lot of good ideas, good people here in the town, the businesses and the residents. We're going to work a solution out for everybody," said Corley.

Mayor Corley said council will continue to work with the business owners to come up with a solution, and hopefully fund the expansion of the police department, and the municipal building.

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