6th Annual River City Festival Held in Rowlesburg

The River City Festival of Arts is almost entirely held in the Szilagyi Center in Rowlesburg. The historic building has something different to offer on each floor, including the World War II Exhibits and the Sports Museum that officially opened Saturday morning as part of the festival.

The festival includes opera singing, performances and poets.

"The festival is all about celebrating the town of Rowlesburg," said Anna Nassif, the Chair of the River City Festival of Arts. "And celebrating the Arts."

The town also celebrated the opening of the Carolann Hooton Research Library to kick things off on Friday.

"There's a whole world in books that people don't get access to without a library," said Carolann Hooton. "Books are expensive, people don't have money for things like that. I thought that the children and people of Rowlesburg needed that resource. That there was a void here."

The Nassif family is actively involved in the Rowlesburg River City Festival. Christina Nassif is a talented opera singer who gave a performance Saturday.

The Szilagyi Center itself is a special place for the Nassif family.

"All of the five children and our family have stuff on the stage and had their entrance into the performance world right here," said Anna Nassif. "I had my first introduction when I was 4 years old. That must have been in the late 30s when that happened."

Nassif hopes she can continue the growth of the River City Festival and get more public awareness.

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