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Cold Weather Affects Opening Day for Pools

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With pools finally opening up and temperatures usually rising, Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer. But you wouldn't have known judging by how empty local pools were on Saturday, when temperatures lingered in the 60s.

"I would think we would have a lot warmer weather to deal with. But, you know what, it is what it is," said John Shaffer, Director of Lewis County Park. "It's a beautiful day. Sunny. Just a little chilly."

Pool-goers had only one choice.

"Best way is to jump in. You got no choice but to get in," said Lida Metheney, a swimmer at the Lewis County Park Pool.

But even with the cold weather of Friday night affecting the pool water, getting in is only half the battle. Because many pools have a water heater, getting in the pool is not the issue. The real problem is getting out of the water, when the cold wind hits your wet body.

"The water temperature, when you get in the water, is probably warmer than out here," Shaffer said. "But once you get out, you're froze."

"That wind that just blew by here right now, the second you get out of the water, it definitely hits your skin, and is definitely a factor," said Tawnya Mann, one of the pool managers at the Clarksburg Splash Zone Aquatic Center.

Still, Shaffer said he knows the weather is out of his control.

"You just cannot dictate the weather, no more than you can with storms," Shaffer said. "We deal with it and we go on."

The Clarksburg Splash Zone Aquatic Center had its grand opening Saturday, welcoming fewer swimmers than expected. However, temperatures are expected to pick up by Memorial Day.

"I'm hoping and anticipating as the weekend progresses, tomorrow is supposed to be a little bit warmer, and of course Monday, so hopefully we have more crowds those two days," Mann said.

"Last year, Memorial Day was actually busier than our open day, because people are doing things over the weekend, and Memorial Day, believe it or not, that's the day they set aside to go to the pool and do things like that," Shaffer said.

With temperatures expected to hit the mid- to upper-80s later this week, both pools, as well as others in the area, can very well see crowds in no time.

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