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G-Force Strength Team Encouraging Barbour County Students

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A group giving presentations across Barbour County are trying to make a strong case to county students for staying focused on their future.

Students at Belington Middle School gathered in the school gym Thursday morning to see a presentation by G-Force, a group founded in 2006 that performs feats of strength for the students while trying to motivate them to stay healthy and chase after their goals.

"We try to give a positive, motivating message about making the right life decisions every time and encourage young people that it's not just about you say no to, but what you can say yes to and how you can be a positive member of your community," said Chris "Crush" Rusher.

G-Force acknowledges that saying yes isn't always easy for kids, and they wanted the students to know there are places to go to get the extra guidance they may need.

"There's a wealth of resources in the area that the kids can come to and say "hey, I'm lost. I'm not a bad kid, but I'm not really sure what it takes to get to that next step to reach the goal that I want," and we want them to know that there's resources there," said G-Force's Don "Mammoth" Myers.

The G-Force team is spending the week at different schools across Barbour County. Rusher said he hopes their presentations will help make a difference in the lives of the kids who see it. It's something that they said they're privileged to hear about from people they met years ago.

"It's one of the coolest effects is we still have contact with people that we did assemblies with six years ago or did evening programs or business programs or whatever they saw where they say 'hey that changed my life,' and it's amazing and very humbling, because you can not estimate the impact you might have on someone's life," said Rusher.

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