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Jane Lew Business Redefining 'Treehouse'

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Tamarack Log Homes in Jane Lew works with wood structures on a regular basis, but its latest structure will be a sight to behold.

You'll see structures like many log houses and cabins just off the Interstate 79 exit at Jane Lew, but you won't usually see something like Tamarack's latest big project. Tim Bullock originally bought the enormous tree trunk to turn it into a horizontal sculpture before deciding on something totally different.

"It sat here for about four to five months, and then I decided, well, let's make a treehouse, so we made a vertical sculpture, and it just kind of grew," said Bullock.

He and his crew only have to stain the treehouse and reassemble it before it's ready to go. Although a building like this isn't the norm for Bullock and his business, it's not totally out of the ordinary. Bullock said they've worked on some unique projects before, so doing a giant structure like this is nothing new, and it's actually bringing more people to his business.

"So this is just a continuation of the craziness. It's fun, and it draws people here. People actually come here on the weekends when I'm here because someone told them about the treehouse in Jane Lew. So I'm a tourist attraction now!" said Bullock.

After Bullock and his crew put on the finishing touches, they'll pour concrete and put the treehouse on the side of the yard closest to I-79. He doesn't have any plans to do another house just yet, but that doesn't mean he's done, either.

"What I'd like to do in my fantasy is to do a whole village. So you'd have a cookhouse would be one place, then you'd have a bathhouse, and then you'd have a hot tub out on a deck, and then walkways and different levels, and just this whole great big community of tree-livers," Bullock said.

If you'd like to learn more about the treehouse or Bullock's other work, you can reach Tamarack Log Homes at 304-269-4344.

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