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Former NBA Player Talks About His Former Drug Addiction With Middle School Students

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Sports have become a huge part of our lives.

We look at athletes like they're our heroes and it's almost like we know them personally.

We find ourselves watching their every move and wanting to be just like them. A former NBA player is sharing his emotional story with others in the hope that they'll do just the opposite.

Chris Herren, former Boston Celtics Guard, dedicates countless hours of his time to talk to students about substance abuse and how it changed his life forever.

"I had no idea the dangers when I took it," Herren said, "I had no idea the road it would lead me down."

Herren had it all at the young age of 22.

"I'm a former NBA basketball player who was highly sought out after high school in the United States when I was younger," he said.

He was a Massachusetts boy with a bright future in the NBA. He had a wife, two children and a third on the way.

But, he had a problem.

"One pill turned me into a heroin addict for eight years," he said, "I struggled and lost everything."

It took Herren nearly a decade to get back onto his feet and turn his life around.

When he did, he made a promise to himself he would do everything in his power to prevent others from walking down the same path.

"I wrote a book and the book kind of put me out on the road," Herren said, "Then ESPN came in and did a 30 for 30. Ever since, I've been out raising awareness and speaking to kids about my story."

Toothman Ford brought Herren to Taylor County Middle School to share his story and it was emotional for everyone.

"It was great. I think it changed a lot of people," said Jarrett Toothman, seventh grader, "A lot of kids were emotional. I think it impacted a lot of lives and I think it's very good that it happened here."

"I think Chris and his speaking, how it changed some of the kids," said Matthew McDaniel, eighth grader, "Some of the kids were saying how they have been clean and how they are doing now. I think the power of him being here was outstanding."

That's what keeps him going.

"If I didn't come and this story, would those kids be crying in the gymnasium? That's the power in it. That's the beauty in it," Herren said.

Herren has been clean since 2008 and said his story has touched hundreds of lives.

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