12Sports Weekly Golf Lesson With Ryan Koury: Lag Putting


The 12Sports Weekly Golf Lesson with Ryan Koury was created to help golfers of all ages throughout North Central West Virginia. Our plan is to answer questions every week during the segment by conducting a drill or lesson of some sort, which will aim to improve your game.

12Sports is proud to feature Ryan Koury, a PGA Professional in the Morgantown area, as the head professional during the weekly segment. His knowledge of the game of golf has been crafted over years of studying the game, and will share his expertise with our loyal viewers throughout the area.

If you have a question regarding your golf game and how to improve it, then be sure to send us a message, whether it's through Facebook, Twitter, or E-mail. We will feature one question every week during the show. By sending in your question, you are agreeing to have your name and current city of residence be aired on live television.


Jim from Clarksburg writes: I'm having issues hitting out of sand traps on the golf course. How can this be fixed?


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During our first 12Sports Weekly Golf Lesson, Ryan Koury described the affectivness of lag putting, and how to execute a putt from short, medium, and long range on the green.

The key component to remember is that you do not want to put more power behind your swing. Instead, elongating your back swing the further away you are from the hole allows you to two-putt more often, rather than the unfortunate but heavily repeated three- or four-putts.

The exercise that Ryan conducts in the first segment is a quick and easy way to practice your putting while at a local practice range, or even at home. Set up five golf tee's around the hole, creating a common radius of three to five feet, which will mark the area you hope that your ball ends up. He then proceeds to set up a pair of tee's from five, ten, and 15 feet away from the hole in order to practice range. The tee's should be lined up at the tip of each of your shoes.

The shorter putt requires you to keep your back swing inside the tee's. However, your longest putt requires you to stretch the back swing outside of the tee's, making for a slower putt that should reach the hole, resulting in a much easier second shot to save par or maybe even land a birdie.

The fact of the matter is putting can make or break your golf game. The better you are on the green, the lower the scores you will shoot.

Now it's time for you to try it at home! Please, send in any questions you have about your golf game and we'll try to put them on the air. Thanks to everyone who participates!

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