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West Virginia Car Accident Fatalities Higher Than Other Areas

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Everyone gets a lead foot every so often. But a study showing that West Virginia has more fatalities from car wrecks than other areas in the United States may have drivers on Interstate 79 hitting the brakes.

"This being a cross section of so many states, it seems like lots of times there is a lot of speed, a lot of dangerous driving," said Sherry Myers, a frequent I-79 traveler.

The WVU School of Public Health conducted a study showing the Appalachian region accounts for 45 percent of car accident fatalities which is more than the rest of the US.

Four fatal car accidents have happened on I-79 alone this past year.

"Just be careful, watch when you're changing lanes. I believe that's the number one problem we have, people just not looking in the blind spots," said Corp. Thomas Goodnight of the State Police. "Just double check and make sure everything is clear to make sure you can change lane safely."

Leigh Temple, another I-79 driver, agrees with the State Police. Careless driving is one of the main reasons for the accidents.

"I go the five miles over the speed limit, which I shouldn't do. I do, and most people do," Temple said. "However, most people aren't doing five miles they're doing ten and twenty. And that is extremely reckless."

Myers was surprised by the study showing W.Va. had more fatalities from car wrecks than other areas. She thinks that more police patrols is the best solution.

"Just the police presence, I think when people see a police car it just makes them slow down and they think safety," Myers said. "They abide by the laws a lot more. So, just the fact that police cars are just sitting."

The Morgantown Detachment of the State Police Department said they will have more patrols out for Memorial Day weekend.

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