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Boy battling leukemia lives out a dream on the football field

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Trey Roy's family was devastated when he was diagnosed with leukemia in July 2011. The little boy from St. Albans has maintained a positive attitude throughout his ordeal and has inspired others with his charismatic personality.

The last time Trey Roy appeared on 13 News he was on the sidelines at the football field at Hayes Middle School watching his friends with the Tornado Tigers on the field, wishing he could play.

But nine months later he is no longer just watching, he is on the field.

"The honorary captain for tonight's game is Trey Roy," the announcer said during a recent game between the West Virginia Lightning and the West Virginia Storm minor league football teams.

Trey's dad Marshall Roy plays for the West Virginia Lightning. The team has rallied around Trey since his diagnosis.

For this game, played in Summersville, the West Virginia Storm knew about Trey's story and decided to honor him. They wore orange, the color for leukemia awareness and invited Trey to come on the field and run a touch down.

"He has been so excited for weeks," said Trey's mom Amber Curry.

Trey is currently in remission but still gets chemotherapy. It is called maintenance chemo, which is more mild than the treatment he has been receiving. That means he is finally starting to feel a little better.

"Now that he can he is and it is great," Curry said. "It is impossible still for me to wrap my head around the fact that my son has cancer but he lives with it on a daily basis and never complains."

Trey's final chemotherapy treatment is scheduled for October 24, 2014. He and his family are now looking forward to the day when he can throw on a uniform and play with his own team and leave cancer in the dust.

"It means I can do anything I want to do," Trey Roy said.

Trey is hoping to be able to play football with kids his own age as early as this fall.

He is currently a member of his local baseball team.

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