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FBI Develops Child I.D. App to Locate Missing Children

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Children go missing every day.

Even if just for a few minutes, it is enough to put a parent into extreme panic.

"My youngest daughter, she used to wonder off because she would like to wonder off go see things, go see people. Sick to your stomach. Shaky. Feel like you aren't going to find them. Just thinking about the worst thing that could happen," said Diana Posey, a mother.

Posey said that kind of fear takes the words right out of a parent's mouth.

"Almost so anxious you can't even speak to somebody," Posey said.

She said officers often want to know details about the missing child, details that a parent can't always remember.

"What my child was wearing and you don't even know," Posey said.

Law enforcement and media outlets routinely request photographs to help the public in locating a missing child.

"Half the time you don't even have a picture on you," Posey said.

That's why the FBI developed the "Child I.D." app.

"All the information you could in about your child. A picture, a description. Social security number," said Christopher L. Enourato, section chief with the FBI.

He said the app helps law enforcement better understand what they are looking for.

"To disseminate information quickly, and have it be accurate and readily available to law enforcement authorities," Enourato said.

He said a child's information is password protected in the app. The FBI and other agencies do not store the information.

The FBI developed the app about a year ago. Enourato said it already has a success story.

"The abduction occurred at about six o'clock in the morning. A woman recognized him from the media counts and saw him walking around aimlessly. She took him to a security office nearby. He was home at six o'clock that evening," Enourato said.

The app also offers tips for what to do.

"Fifteen to 16 things to do in the first 24 hours," Enourato said.

The app is free. It is available in iTunes and Google Play.

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