Bray Cary talks to former Marine Shaun Adkins and other guests


Dr. Michelle Easton stops by to tell us about University of Charleston's Pharmacy School.  She tells us about how the school formed initially and how it is geared to helping in rural areas.

Dr. Michelle Easton tells Bray about the UC Pharmacies and the services they offer in the area, including filling prescriptions, flu shots and advice to help quit smoking.

Former U.S. Marine Shaun Adkins talks with Bray about Shaun's confrontation with WV Senator Joe Manchin and some personal stories from Shaun.

Shaun Adkins talks coal with Bray and how local people react to the current administration's seeming war on coal.

WV State Senator Mitch Carmichael (R-Jackson) and WV State Senator Mike Hall (R-Putnam) join Bray to discuss the WV Ethics Commission.

Finally, Bray wraps up with a talk about the WV Ethics Committee.

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