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Mother and Daughter Graduate Together at FSU

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Many different colleges and universities across the country are holding their spring commencements. As a parent, looking on from the crowd can be a proud moment. One mother sat in one of the best seats at Fairmont State University right next to her graduating daughter.

Michelle and Bethany Harmon are a mother and daughter that both graduated from FSU. It's not very often that someone can say they graduated the same day and same year as their parent.

"It was pretty cool actually because not a whole lot of people can say that they've gone to school with their parents or graduated at the same time. At one point, we were in the same class and our teacher thought we were sisters," said Bethany Harmon.

Michelle said she was honored the teacher thought she was young enough to be Bethany's sister, but that Bethany corrected the teacher a little too fast.

Michelle said that being able to show her daughter that she could still achieve this accomplishment was a great thing.

"I was honored and competitive," said Michelle Harmon. "So I just wanted to prove that mom could still do it after all these years of being out of high school."

Around 500 alumni lined up for commencement. Bethany and Michelle received their diplomas back to back.

"It's been a very good experience." said Bethany Harmon. "And I'm very, very happy that I get to do this with her," said Bethany Harmon

"I'm proud. I'm a proud mom," said Michelle Harmon. "And I'm happy too, it's a good Mothers Day to be able to graduate with her and to have my mom here too," said Michelle Harmon.

Michelle graduated with an Allied Health Administrations Degree and Bethany graduated with a degree in Exercise Physiology. They are still working out what they plan to do after graduation.

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