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Test it Tuesday: Little Big Shot Super Nozzle

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The Little Big Shot Super Nozzle claims it can save you time and money by turning a regular garden hose into a more powerful and more water efficient tool for your gardening, yard work, and cleaning.

Jason Parrish offered to help me test the claims, specifically that the nozzle can replace a pressure washer.

"Usually when I need a pressure washer I need to borrow my father-in-law's, so maybe this will take its place," he said.

We attach the nozzle and turn on the water, and there's immediately a fine stream coming from the nozzle, even though it is supposed to be in the "off" position. It seems hard to save money on water bills when the nozzle can't really be shut off the whole way.

Next, Jason wants to try the most powerful setting, but he isn't impressed.

"The pressure's fine, but I have used power washers in the past, and I can tell you the pressure with this compared to the power washer isn't even close," Jason said. "It's just like using a regular garden hose."

The next setting has a little less pressure and is more like a regular setting on a normal nozzle.

The third setting is for pinpoint watering with a small stream. The commercial shows it being used for potted plants. In my opinion, you'd have to be careful around delicate plants because the stream seems to have the same pressure behind it as the other settings. It is accurate, though.

I found the nozzle for $9.99 at a local store, and Jason said that's not a bad price for what you get, a slightly more powerful nozzle.

"There definitely was as little bit of a difference, but comparing it to a pressure washer, I don't think so," Jason said.

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