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Fairmont State University Students Prepare For Their Big Day

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Members of the Class of 2013 will walk across the stage at Fairmont State University on Saturday afternoon and begin the next chapters of their lives.

Some will go to graduate school and others will apply for jobs.

Fairmont State faculty said it's a great day for everyone.

"Everything good is out there for the public to see and share," said Christina Lavorata, Fairmont State University Provost. "The students are happy, the parents are proud, the teachers are tired but relieved. It's just joyous, I love it."

For Fairmont State University Senior Stacy Schulman, emotions are running high.

"It's just so much. It's like you're nervous but yet happy and excited all at the same time," she said. "It's just a wonderful amazing feeling. It's like you're free and get to go out into the world and be a grown up."

Schulman has spent the last four years preparing for her big day and making the most of her college career.

"I've done so many things," she said. "I've been involved in Student Government, I was a freshman counselor, I was TKE's sweetheart. Just so many things and accomplishments."

One of those accomplishments includes being the student speaker at commencement.

"Wow, I can't believe I was asked. I am just so honored," Schulman said. "It's an amazing feeling."

She said she hopes her speech will inspire students as they begin the next chapter in their lives.

"I'm going to tell them to go on with life with passion," she said. "Passion would be my main point. And with heart. If you fall, don't let anyone ever dull your sparkle and to keep going."

The University said it hopes the Class of 2013 leaves Fairmont feeling accomplished.

"Our official hope is that they reach their personal and professional goals," Lavorata said. "That's the mission statement of the University."

"You get the education, you learn, it's wonderful," Schulman said. "After college, the learning never stops."

Schulman as well as the rest of the Class of 2013 with celebrate their accomplishments beginning at 1 p.m. on Saturday at the Feaster Center.

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