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Taylor County Residents Discuss History Of Mother's Day

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In the words of Senator Joe Manchin, everyday is Mother's Day. But, it was only a little over a century ago that America began observing it as a holiday.

Once a year, we set aside a day to allow our mothers to rest and appreciate everything they have done for us.

We give them flowers, chocolate, jewelry, and more.

Many don't really know where that day started and how it all came about.

Truth be told, it began right down the road in Grafton, WV.

"Anna Jarvis had the first service here for Mother's Day," said Cindi Mason, Grafton Resident. "It caught on nationwide but it kind of originated with an idea that was from here."

An idea that was first a national holiday quickly spread internationally.

"The United States definitely was on board," said Olive Dadisman, Anna Jarvis Birthplace Museum Director. "But then she traveled in other countries. She got about 17 or 18 countries that signed on right away. Now we have 53 countries. It's an international holiday."

It's a holiday that has created many family traditions.

"We always cooked for our mother and we always planted flowers that would come back every year," Dadisman said.

Mason, a mother herself, said it is a day for everyone to be together.

"We kind of just take it easy. We might go out somewhere and eat and just hang out," she said.

It is a day that Anna Jarvis didn't intend to include flowers, chocolate, or cards.

"She said this in a letter: 'Write your mother a hand written card or a letter. Tell her how you feel. Not another persons writing, but how you feel," Dadisman said. "The flowers die and the chocolate gets eaten. Then what do you have left?"

Grafton residents remember Anna's story as they celebrate Mother's Day.

"I'm kind of surprised as much as we travel and when we do travel that people do have some kind of connection with Grafton and its affiliation with the start of Mother's Day," Mason said.

Tours will be held at the Anna Jarvis Birthplace Museum this Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Click here for more information.

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