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Pruntytown Inmates Help Clean Up Hough Park In Mannington

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Teenagers have been breaking locks, destroying pavilions, and breaking windows at Hough Park in Mannington for the past several months.

"They're kicking the blocks off a block wall up there," said David James, Mannington Chief of Police. "They are kicking doors, bending doors in."

City officials said they're doing whatever it takes to put an end to the problem.

"We have had vandals come in here and do things. If we catch them, we are going to fine them high," said Robert Garcia, Mannington Mayor.

With summer just around the corner and Hough Park being a popular spot for residents, volunteers are working hard to fix the damages.

"We've been trying to get volunteers from the community to come out and help us," said Christina Dunigan, Hough Park Board President. "We've been lucky. Melissa Toothman brings her middle school students up here to help us clean. We've had a few parents, we've had a couple high school students."

They are also getting help from the Pruntytown Good Neighbors Program, where inmates volunteer to work in different communities.

"They are helping to duriglass the pool to close up the leaks, they are helping to repair the walls at the pavilions that vandals have broken," Dunigan said.

Hough Park pool is more than 80 years old and suffers from leaks every year. 

"The kids in this area don't have anything else to do except for mainly this pool," said Connie Stevens, Mother. "This pool and this park and the functions that happen at this park. We have to keep it going in order for them to be off the streets."

Pruntytown inmates work hard to patch up the cracks every year. But next summer, it will no longer be an annual task.

"We are going to basically rip up the pool and go back to the original 1932 pool. It open July 2, 1932," Dunigan said. "The citizens build this. We are renovate it starting in August and hopefully have it up and running next year but it will be a brand new pool."

After putting in countless hours to clean up the park, officials ask people to refrain from littering and vandalizing the park.

If you are caught, you will be prosecuted.

"Vandalism is a criminal offense," Chief James said. "It's a misdemeanor. Its punishable. It's up to, any misdemeanor is a year in jail and a fine."

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