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Wings of Wonder Kicks off at Tygart Lake

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Wings of Wonder, Birds of Prey kicked off Friday at Tygart Lake, teaching people about raptor type birds.

The Three Rivers Avian Center presented an up-close educational program that included eagles, hawks and owls.

Presenters gave a brief history about the habitats, behaviors and diets of each of the birds they brought out.

"It's just important for us to have a healthy eco-system and birds are part of it. They're disappearing. In the last 20 years we've lost almost 45-percent of the migratory birds used to fill our skies and those are individual birds, it's not species going it's individual birds," said Wendy Perrone, executive director of Three Rivers Avian Center.

There will be other educational sessions:

6/8- Pipestem Resort- 8 p.m.

6/15- Beach Fork- 7 p.m.

6/20- Holly River- 3 p.m.

6/22- Watoga- 3 p.m.

6/23- Blackwater Falls- 10 a.m.

6/28- Twin Falls Resort- 7 p.m.

6/29- Babcock- 7 p.m.

8/10- North Bend- 7p.m.

8/11- Tomlinson Run- 7 p.m.

8/24- Blennerhassett Island- 1:30 p.m.

9/14- Kanawha State Forest- 1 p.m.

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