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Doddridge County Couple Praised for Volunteer Work At Elementary School

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Students and teachers walk in and out of Doddridge County Elementary School everyday.  

But there are two other people that walk in with them.  They aren't students and they don't get paid. But they are a big part of the school community.

"Everyday. They are here everyday. John helps the kids get on the bus. Makes sure it is safe when they get off of it," said Keri Hurst, a teacher at Doddridge County Elementary School.

John and Linda Ross dedicate nearly 40 hours a week to helping teachers with their copies and errands. They also make sure the students get on and off of the school bus safely.  

"Make our copies and get all the little things that we need done,"Hurst said.

Linda and John are both disabled. But they don't let it get in their way of helping others.

"When she was a kid, they was in an auto accident. That's why. Of course, I was born as a dwarf," said John Ross.

Linda credits her uncle for her strength.

"I had an uncle, that would push me. He said you can't give up now. You gotta be strong," Linda Ross said.

They do it strictly out of the kindness of their heart.

"I try to help out everyone I can," John Ross said.

Linda said she loves being around the kids, and can't help but smile.

"I love working with the kids. If you don't smile, and you're frowning. That's not good to do. I love smiling," Linda Ross said.

Their son Ryan, 8, is a third grader at the school.

"He loves it cause mommy is here with him," Linda Ross said.

Hurst said they make a big impact on the students there.

"They are role models in our school. They teach us to give and not expect things back in return," Hurst said.

She said they're an inspiration for everyone, including those also facing disabilities.

"Linda and John do everything anyone else can do. And they don't make excuses. I think children can look up to that and say 'hey there is nothing stopping me from reaching my dreams, I can do anything I want to,' and I think they are wonderful examples of that," Hurst said.

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