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North Marion High School Students Re-Enact Watergate Scandal Aftermath

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North Marion High School students have been bringing history to life for the past two days.

Journalism, Criminal Justice, and History students are working together to re-enact the aftermath of the Watergate scandal. But, there's a twist.

Paul Leeper was the arresting officer in the Watergate Scandal.

He was actually with students Thursday to help make it as real as possible.

"It's part of history. How many times does the president of the United States and a lot of his staff in sense lose their jobs over something like this? The kids should read about it," Leeper said.

"Well actually, my team and I have been working on this for probably close four months now. Working one or two periods a day and then we've actually had a few days where we have worked all day long on it. So we are prepared," said Dalton Shoulders, North Marion senior.

Leeper talks to high schools all over the country about his Watergate experience.

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