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Oil And Gas Job Fair Connects Employers With Employees

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Employers and job seekers alike came to Jackson's Mill Wednesday afternoon to connect open positions with people looking to fill them. Many employers were looking for people immediately, and employers like Lightning Trucking had a range of positions available.

"My goal today was to create a pool of applications to pool from as I need them, whether that be mechanics, truck drivers, anything that might support our operations," said Lightning's Jack Keen.

With the growth of the gas industry, companies are having a harder time finding needed manpower, as they have to compete with each other for qualified personnel. Keen said he's feeling that pinch, and is hoping to find some good prospects.

"We're currently behind on what we need driver-wise to fill our trucks, so we're looking to hire fifteen to twenty people over the next few weeks to fill the trucks that we currently have and ones that we have coming on board," Keen said.

In past years, the expo has focused on jobs working the rigs. This year, organizers said they're branching out, including companies that support the oil and gas industry, and places for people to train for those jobs.

Regardless of where people end up working, many jobs can turn into a career for people who are willing to make the effort.

"They find something they like, and they can train, and a lot of these companies will train them, and that allows them to advance in that company, so they can maybe go from something where they start as an entry-level worker, but because they're a good worker and have a good head on their shoulders, they can learn," said Ginny Layton, who works with the Region 6 Workforce Investment Board, one of the sponsors of the event.

Layton and other sponsors said more than 50 people were waiting for the event to open, and that more than 300 were expected at the fair Wednesday.

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